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Customs formalities

Codirex Expeditie B.V. is in possession of different customs licences, like Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). One of the many benefits is the reduced risk for physical checks. This eliminates disruption in the logistic chain.

Im- and export documentation

Non-Union goods intended to be put on the Union market or intended for private use or consumption within the customs territory of the Union shall be placed under release for free circulation. We will go through the declaration procedure for you. It is essential this is done with accuracy, so the right import duties are being charged. 


The customs law provides the possibility to move non-Union goods free from import duties and VAT. To do so, we make use of the custom procedure transit by doing a declaration in the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS). 

Direct representation

If you are outsourcing your customs declaration process, we can act on behalf of your firm by direct representation. In this way the declaration is lodged with your name and on your account. You do not need to By doing it this way you don’t need to be connected with the European System (juiste term zoeken) yourself.

Limited fiscal representation

With the licence Fiscal representation we are able to fulfil the administrative obligations for VAT for companies from other countries then the Netherlands.

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