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About Codirex Expeditie B.V.

Codirex Expeditie B.V. is the custom representative and logistical service provider for importers of meat and fish since 1980. Over the years, we have been specialising the handling of veterinary cargo. This means we are able to handle any type of veterinary product from every location.

We will make sure your cargo is in accordance with the regulations and is allowed to enter the European market. This will be done by cooperating with the customs and veterinary office (NVWA). We will take care of the documentation and all other facets concerning the import.

Logistic process from terminal to delivery address. Our system keeps us up-to-date about the ETA’s of ships and unloading process of it. These tools are helping us to guarantee a fast delivery of the goods.

We can also provide services for your cargo shipped via other ports than Rotterdam. Our network consist of agents in different countries.

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